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Chirimoyah is a San Francisco, California-based creative design agency that specializes in building beautiful Squarespace websites for businesses, non-profit organizations, artists and professionals. We make responsive websites that highlight your company's skills, and add stylish modernity to your unique brand.

Our websites are user-friendly sites that are all-inclusive and easy to self-maintain. Our clients benefit from our Squarespace experienced web designers who bring creative passion and knowledge of website best practices. Get started today and elevate your brand's digital presence to the next level.



Do Your Part

Created for the non-profit organization "Do Your Part," the website is responsive, with high-resolution images, CSS coding, and interactive graphics.

B&R Builders Services

Designed for the Virginia small business "B&R Builders Services," the website has image galleries, form blocks, embedded blogs and SEO optimization.

Our Team

Alessandra | Creative Designer

A longtime lover of the creative arts, Alessandra approaches her design and content creation work with curiosity and enthusiasm. Her creative interests started in digital art and graphic design which later evolved into freelance web and creative design. Alessandra is an admirer of nature and sunshine. 


Joey | Web Developer

Our go-to coder, Joey specializes in HTML, Javascript, and CSS coding to bring client websites to the next design level. Joey's background is in computer science and web development and is considered by many a chess champ.


Alex | Marketing & Branding Strategist

Alex is into discussing digital business ideas and solutions. After graduation, Alex took to the marketing and branding aspect of Chirimoyah, and assisting clients with their branding needs. Alex is a fearless dancer and enjoys practicing his Spanglish with clients. 

What We Do | Websites Are Our Day-to-Day


Website Design

We build clean, design-driven, user-friendly sites equipped with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML coding.


Chirimoyah, Mailchimp Storage

MailChimp Storage

We provide assistance linking company emails and setting-up mail storage (MailChimp, Google Mail, etc.)

Chirimoyah, Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

You get a responsive site that is compatible across all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.


Chirimoyah, SEO

Analytics & SEO

We guide you though Google analytics to monitor traffic, and teach you about enhance search engine optimization. 

Chirimoyah, Analytics

Content Creation

We create concise written content to populate your new website, and author recurring articles, and newsletters.


Chirimoyah, Ecommerce


We equip your site with PayPal or other secure checkout payments that drive commerce to your website.


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